Minister - Rev Andrew Mills

Andrew is married to Ruth and they have 4 grown up daughters they 

moved to Seaford in Jan 2019 to be in pastoral charge of Cross Way Church, Christ Church Lewes and Alfriston. Throughout his ministry Andrew has been involved in children's ministry. In his spare time Andrew enjoys walks by the sea, kayaking and has an interest in naval history.

Church Secretary - This is a joint position
 Lynne Ross &  Andrew Ferris

The Church Secretary role is the Organiser, making sure the "business" of the Church happens.  If you need to know anything about the church, they will have the answer, or know the right direction to point you in 

Church Treasurer -  Sally Thompson 

Sally Is the finance person, along with Gwyn Davies, who makes sure everything that we receive and spend is properly accounted for.  As a registered Charity and employer we make sure all is present and correct.

Development and Implementation Chairman – Cochrane Young
Property Committee Chairman  - Gwyn Davies
Safe Guarding co-ordinator  - Rosemary Chapman
Trustees Jan 2020 in addition to those above
Alan Fox
Barbara Bradley
Jan Clay
Joy Hyde
Katheryn Hesketh
Michael Bale
Richard Verall
Ted Hopkins